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Our Free Ebook: "Re-Imagine Human" Helps You Evolve into a New Style of Leadership

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Re-imagine Human is a beginner's guide to global leadership. It introduces you to some basic building blocks so you can evolve into a new paradigm of leadership: the Global Leader.

The ebook includes a toolkit to get started as a Global Leader. Concise text, beautiful photos, and colorful graphics help you engage with a healing, unifying system that you can use immediately to start transforming your world.

As a Global Leader, you become fully equipped to face the challenges of the 21st Century. Global Leaders naturally express Goodwill in Every Interaction. Our global movement uplifts all life and helps you to unfold your potential. This ebook is an inspiring guide for you to use on your own and to share with others.

As we enter a new decade, a global economy is emerging that challenges people to develop skills and capacities rooted in deeper connections to ourselves and others. According to experts, this work requires:

• Purpose and passion • Innovation and creativity • Emotional engagement, including collaboration and quality of thinking • Balanced relationships that embrace our interconnectedness, and • Leadership that is holistic and operates “in the moment.”

To meet these demands, we need three pillars of success to support our collective activities: a new vision for humanity, a new set of operating principles, and a global movement for sustained cultural transformation. These pillars of success are outlined in our ebook.

A New Vision for Humanity: Goodwill in Every Interaction Some 7.6 billion people live on our planet. We create $80 trillion in Gross World Product (nominal) annually, according to the 2019 UN, US Census Bureaus. These figures represent a staggering amount of interactions every day. By applying Goodwill in Every Interaction to this activity, we all can make an enormous difference immediately. The benefits of our vision are compelling. First, we begin to create a “new human” that is more fully prepared for modern life. We access an advanced intelligence innate in each of us, thus accelerating human potential. Living in purpose, passion, and fulfillment become more of a reality for everyone. Communication, cooperation, and connection expand exponentially, strengthening our service to others.

We define goodwill as a whole-brained state of existence—a quality of presence— that serves people in three ways: as a resource, a mindset, and a gateway to 21st Century leadership, as the graphic below shows.

Goodwill: Resource, mindset, gateway to 21st Century leadership

Goodwill exists in unlimited supply within you. Goodwill is positive, dynamic, and regenerative. Goodwill uplifts you, inspiring you to new levels of creativity and emotional engagement. Goodwill synchronizes the hemispheres of your left brain and right brain.

Goodwill creates a powerful mindset of Abundance and Excellence. A mindset of Abundance allows you to create or acquire what you need, when you need it. Excellence means that you operate from the attributes that emerge as an expression of your authenticity. These attributes include compassion, patience, and contentment. In a whole-brained mindset, you experience livelihood and well-being.

Goodwill is a unifying force that helps you to align your internal states of existence. In other words, your mind, body, emotions, values, and beliefs all operate together. From this coherent state, your potential can unfold more easily. You thrive.

Goodwill empowers all of us toward a new model of leadership and self-governance. Goodwill maximizes the gifts of all people. Goodwill allows everyone to be a leader. Goodwill transforms people into Global Leaders. Thus, goodwill becomes a gateway into 21st Century leadership.

New Operating System: Our 10 Principles of Global Leadership

To become a Global Leader, we all need to upgrade our internal operating system. In effect, we need to install new “software” within us. This upgrade comes in the form of a set of principles. Principles create an archetype. An archetype is a human potential inside each of us. New principles create a foundation for the 21st Century human.

We offer 10 principles that encapsulate the archetype of the Global Leader. The principles reflect natural laws that define and protect personal liberties. In effect, the principles represent a Bill of Rights for all of us. Our principles are timeless and universal. They include operating from

• intention

• the genius mind

• balanced exchange, and more. Global Leaders are holistic and transformational. They possess a world view. They realize our interrelatedness and interdependence. They harmonize with their environments to achieve flow within complex realities.

As a Global Leader, you tap into the resourcefulness of your inner authority. You take possession of your unique gifts and actively manifest them. Operating from inner authority develops self-governance. You allow structure to arise from your inner wisdom. You arrange your life flexibly and easily into patterns of organization moment to moment. You operate spontaneously, which produces feelings of joy and purpose.

Global Movement of Social Conscience and a Better World for All Life Through wisdom, Global Leaders develop insight, sound judgment, and deep knowing. Wisdom reduces stress and increases focus, awareness, and presence. Wisdom strengthens social ties and builds global interconnectedness, thus naturally creating a movement of social conscience and a better future for everyone. Our vision, principles, and movement for social change challenge many conventional and cultural beliefs about reality and what life can be. As our old structures continue to die and new ones are born, people are confronting their own internal wars and healing unwanted patterns and limiting beliefs. We all are learning to balance our humanity with Nature and the divine. From this place of balance, Goodwill in Every Interaction reveals itself as a new potential for human growth and development. As organizations embrace economic trends, Global Leaders will be free to re-imagine the workplace and their lives and create new solutions to today's complex problems.

Learn more in our free ebook, Re-imagine Human: A beginner’s guide to global leadership. To download your copy, please visit our website:

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