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Planting a Tree
Planting a Tree







People Engaging as Global Leaders
Goodwill in Every Interaction


We participate in

  • Advocating in the US Congress for a historic, Cabinet-level US Department of Peacebuilding.

  • Embedding ecological restoration into every financial transaction with UK-based TreeSisters.

  • Global Coherence Initiative pulses, striving to create a tipping point in global consciousness.

  • Global Silent Minute, silence as action for global cooperation, peace, and freedom.

  • Full Moon meditations with TreeSisters to reclaim our center and create a moment of stillness and reflection.

  • Moments of Mass Mindfulness, a UK-based initiative to hold gently the consciousness that Mother energy holds on life and the children hold on the future.

  • Global Intention Experiment to bring healing to Afghanistan.

  • Evolutionary Collective for post-personal growth and intersubjective awakening.

  • Ekam World Peace festival, world's largest online meditation event broadcast from India with 20 million people meditating for world peace.

  • Online world peace events from Hiroshima, Japan, to observe the anniversaries of the atomic bomb.

  • Lights Out initiative with Cornell Lab of Ornithology to turn off nonessential outdoor lighting during bird migration periods.

  • World Migratory Bird Day, a global initiative devoted to celebrating migratory birds and for promoting their conservation worldwide.


Giving Back: We have contributed to

  • Local, national, and world peace initiatives, including a Global Resolution to create world peace through the United Nations.

  • Meals to North Texas Food Bank through Scout and Cellar, clean-crafted wines.

  • Whole-system education for disadvantaged and orphaned children through Jhamtse International.

  • Girls shelter in Guinea for girls who say no to female genital mutilation and are now homeless, through Pathways to Peace.

  • Planting trees and restoring communities and sovereignty
    in the global Tropics, from Brazil to Madagascar to Nepal, through TreeSisters.

  • Supporting 600 women and girls while increasing climate resilience and promoting gender equality and leadership in Western Uganda, through TreeSisters.

  • Empowering women and young people as agents of change
    and working to foster community resilience in a reforestation project in the Republic of the Congo, through TreeSisters.

  • Forest fire relief in California and Australia, as well as firefighting in Brazil.

  • Earthquake relief in Morocco, through Ecosia.

  • Humanitarian aid for Ukrainian refugees, through Ecosia.

  • Earthjustice, a US-based non-profit that goes to court for the future of the planet.

  • Bee conservation and research through sustainable
    farming practices, through Scout and Cellar.

  • Aid to critically endangered California condors impacted
    by wildfires, through

  • Aid to koalas and other animals impacted by Australia wildfires, through

  • Work to open everyone's eyes, minds, and hearts to the Lady of Freedom statue atop the US Capitol Dome as a symbol of Peace and Freedom. 

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