Some experts say that the way a society treats its women is the same way it treats Mother Earth. If women are loved, honored, and cherished in a particular culture, then Nature is treated with similar respect. Other experts suggest that healing the Earth also heals ourselves.


Let's work toward gender balance so that both men and women honor and respect each other, are given equal opportunity, and can fulfill their potential. We can reflect this balanced exchange through our relationship with Nature.


What's Up with All the Birds?

At GEI Global Leaders, we chose the birds of the world as our mascots. Birds symbolize immortality and the connection between Earth and the Universe. Birds are ever-present in our products and services. They inform, inspire, and guide us in all that we do. We can learn much from birds: their behaviors, their sounds, and their patterns of life.


In particular, we chose the Peacock to represent our vision of Goodwill in Every Interaction. In many cultures, the Peacock symbolizes beauty and wise vision. The Peacock serves as a reminder that Global Leaders practice wisdom. Wisdom and Global Leadership naturally result in Goodwill in Every Interaction.

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