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Below is a glossary of our key concepts.

The state of being able to create or acquire what you need, when you need it. Abundance flows from joy, exuberance, and lightheartedness.



The state of enfolding others in unconditional love. Compassion allows you to completely understand a person. With your heart, you witness the conditions and circumstances that someone is suffering. From this place of deeper seeing, compassion blossoms.


A dynamic that occurs when two or more forces come together to create a larger expression. Like a river coming home to the sea, conflict has a built-in direction. It wants resolution and transformation.



Facts used for measurements, statistics, reasoning on calculation.


A form of communication that occurs when two or more people are willing to open more fully to each other. With dialogue, a new style of leadership emerges because people bring more
aspects of themselves to communicating.

Global Leader

A holistic and transformational style of leadership that includes all previous forms of leadership and takes it to a new level. Global Leaders integrate the intelligences of their right brains and left brains. They realize our interrelatedness and interdependence. They transform reality.



A mindset of abundance and excellence that empowers people toward a new model of leadership. Goodwill maximizes the gifts of all people. Goodwill allows everyone to be a leader, marshaling all aspects of your being: mind, body, emotions, and values and beliefs.



A collection of data and facts, usually shared with others.


Knowing through familiarity, experience, or association.


The state of tranquility and exquisite balance that arises from a deep connection to the cosmic
forces. Peace is a developmental stage that comes from embracing your natural wholeness.

Qualities of Excellence
Attributes that emerge as an expression of your authenticity. These qualities include
love, compassion, patience, tolerance, forgiveness, contentment, and harmony. When these qualities come forth, you discover a universal well of strength and capability that dramatically changes your character and enhances your ability to relate positively to others.


Comprehensiveness that leads to tolerance and completeness.


Insight, sound judgment, good sense, and deep knowing. Wisdom leads to understanding and compassion.

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