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"Cristina and the Riddle of the Three Bridges" Tells the Tale of a Rising Feminine Potential

We all love a good story! Stories serve to inspire, heal, and transport us to new worlds. Stories engage our sense of wonder and curiosity, and they can make us think differently and learn new ways of relating to ourselves and others. Mythology is a particularly powerful form of storytelling. Myths have ancient roots and invite us into realms of mystery and magic.

We wrote a book that tells a new mythological story for our times: Cristina and the Riddle of the Three Bridges. The book, shown below, is all about a new paradigm for leadership, pointing to a feminine potential that is missing in our modern era.

​Cristina and the Riddle of the Three Bridges

Synopsis: Cristina and the Riddle of the Three Bridges

Our book tells the story of a secret child who is born to Spanish Grand Duke Diego and his favored mistress, Safiyya, a beautiful servant woman who is half Muslim and half Jew. Safiyya dies of the Black Death. And the Grand Duke is forced to send his beloved daughter, Cristina, into exile because of her illegitimacy and impure religious heritage. Diego places Cristina, 5, in a monastic orphanage, mysteriously leaving the child with a parcel of handwritten letters. The girl grows up and leaves the orphanage at 16. She is bright, clever, and possesses a heart full of love.

Cristina makes her way to the flowering Renaissance town of Toledo. There, she is compelled to disguise herself as a boy―calling herself Cristopher―so she can apprentice as a farrier. She cares for a stable of powerful Andalusian stallions, a cock linnet, and a colorful garden. And she begins to discover some of her remarkable gifts.

Cristina's mask is exposed when a passing Prince sees her bathing in the Tagus River. The Prince, a banished court jester, and some extraordinary tales propel her on a quest to find her true identity. She must face the Spanish Inquisition and her own past to discover her potential. And the handwritten letters hold the key to her destiny.

Click the video below to watch the trailer for the book.

​Trailer: Cristina and the Riddle of the Three Bridges

Breakthrough to Global Leadership Requires Balance of Feminine and Masculine

Breakthrough insights from Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson, researchers and authors of the landmark book The Cultural Creatives, are seeing the emergence of a global Wisdom Culture that transcends national and ethnic culture.

Key to this movement is the emergence of Feminine Wisdom, which the authors believe can be misunderstood when viewed from the perspective of modern structures and systems. Wisdom, the authors suggest, is "an antidote to the rampant fear, cynicism, and despair of our age."

Cristina and the Riddle of the Three Bridges is helping to pioneer this trend toward a global culture of wisdom and a new form of leadership. To reach this state of existence, feminine energies―particularly feminine wisdom―need to rise in power and come into balance with masculine energies.

A Rising Feminine Potential in Leadership

Coming into balance with yourself and others gives rise to a state of wisdom and presence. You feel whole and unified inside yourself. From this wholeness, you can develop highly focused concentration, and you can experience pure awareness. You don't filter your perception of life through the distorted lenses that your personality can create. Wisdom and presence bring clarity to you. You become free of delusion and connected to your individual genius.

With wisdom and presence, you act with less fear. You develop compassion, which is best understood as the state of enfolding others in unconditional love. You feel timeless. As you develop your wisdom and presence, you feel more connected to yourself and to others. You feel more content and deeply satisfied with your life. You experience more joy.

Wisdom and presence are reflected in Nature, where life operates in a state of continuous flow that is natural and effortless. In a state of flow, we become Global Leaders and immerse ourselves in our passions and strive for them.

Global Leaders Operate Dynamically with Inner Calm

Many people find modern life to be inauthentic, stressful, and exhausting. Our lives can seem chaotic and meaningless. This negativity and fear cause our heart, mind, body, and soul to misalign, as body movement leader Kim Eng states. By connecting to our natural wholeness and inner balance, we can achieve an ease and flow with the present moment, Eng suggests.

This wholeness and state of presence allow you to operate dynamically in your outer world while you remain calm and peaceful internally. As a Global Leader, wisdom and presence are essential to leading from a state of balance and flow. In doing so, Global Leaders achieve the most efficient and effective outcomes for themselves as individuals, as well as for their teams and organizations.

Our new book, Cristina and the Riddle of the Three Bridges, uses storytelling and mythology to help show us a path to this new form of leadership. Global leadership challenges many conventional and cultural beliefs about reality and what life can be. As our old structures die and new ones are born, we all are learning to balance our humanity with Nature and the cosmic forces. From this balance, Goodwill in Every Interaction reveals itself as a new potential for human growth and development.

Order the Book Soon through Our Website or POD Platform

The book is available soon to purchase through Order the book from our website at, or at

The book prints as a 6x9" paperback with black and white interior and glossy cover. The book includes a set of questions at the end for the individual reader and book clubs.


Laura Brown, MS, is the founder of GEI Global Leaders. She has a broad background in management consulting, organizational development, and the design and delivery of strategic communications systems for some of the world’s largest and most successful corporations, including Genentech, Fidelity, John Hancock, Boston Scientific, ZYCOS, and Castel.

Laura is a former professional journalist, having worked at daily newspapers in Germany, Washington, DC, and Long Island, NY. She is a former adjunct professor at Boston University, and she completed executive training at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard. Cristina is Laura’s first book of fiction.


Anderson, S. and Ray, P. "Cultural Creatives and the Emerging Planetary Wisdom Culture." Accessed June 16, 2020.

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