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Goodwill in Every Interaction.


That's our vision for humanity. And we invite you to join us and hundreds of people in more than 20 countries around the world in this exciting adventure. Just imagine you and 7.6 billion people practicing Goodwill in Every Interaction! It's awe-inspiring. Let's shatter expectations about what it means to be human in the 21st Century.


The door is open now for human evolution. As technology and artificial intelligence take over data-information-knowledge, people are free to evolve our minds into the capacity for wisdom. Wisdom taps into your deepest connections and helps you build a more purposeful life.


We started with a profound vision. We added a set of timeless leadership principles. And then turned it all into a universal game. The result:




Presence is a beautiful, 45-card deck that helps you develop a new mindset
as a Global Leader. Our leadership principles are based on natural laws
that define and protect personal liberties. Global Leaders synchronize right-brain and left-brain hemispheres and take leadership to a whole new level. Global Leaders naturally practice Goodwill in Every Interaction. 


This vision and new style of leadership prepare you and everyone to re-imagine life and transform some of our most complex challenges. 


  • Develop your potential

  • Develop self-governance

  • Improve gender balance

  • Increase innovation/employee engagement

  • Build self-organizing, self-adapting teams

  • Increase customer loyalty, and

  • Improve global interconnectedness/community sustainability.

Shift from knowledge to wisdom.

Be Goodwill in Every Interaction.

The cards are perfect for women in leadership, conscious companies, naturepreneurs, mompreneurs, peace movements, young leaders advocating change, and more.


Use the cards in contextual learning environments that allow you to practice global leadership in the moment through real-life situations. Play. Grow. Thrive. Be the movement.

Actual Card Size: 3.5" x 3.5"

Design: Michelle Manos Design (Carmel, CA)

Translations: Language Connections (Boston),                       www.languageconnections.com

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