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We are excited to affiliate with TreeSisters, a UK-based, non-profit global network of women who donate monthly to fund the restoration of our tropical forests as a collective expression of planetary care. This affiliation helps to build GEI Global Leaders as a prosperous, regenerative organization invested in people and our planet.

We donate a portion of sales from our publishing products to TreeSisters so that your purchase yields a regenerative return. We have set a goal to plant 1 million trees with TreeSisters.


Our Focus on Regeneration and Birds 

We are committed to protect the natural capital that supports life. We nurture commerce that supports our collective journey to regeneration, which we define as creating vitality of life now and for future generations. We protect the health of our planet’s environment, which supports life and our economy.​ 


We chose the birds of the world as our mascots. Birds symbolize immortality and the connection between Earth and the Universe. Birds are ever-present in our products and services. They inform, inspire, and guide us in all that we do. 

About TreeSisters

TreeSisters is an invitation to everyone to do as much radical good as they can for the planet. Our global network of treesisters is transforming both lives and landscapes in extraordinary ways. TreeSisters offers unique global programs that focus on encouraging women's leadership, Nature-connection, and significant behaviour change as we make the shift from being consumers to restorers. TreeSisters is funding the restoration of environments, biodiversity, and communities within more than 12 major ecosystems around the global Tropics, through a diverse portfolio of vetted, trusted reforestation projects and in the process, planting millions of trees. Join us in making ecological restoration the new norm!

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