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We all love a good story. Stories serve to inspire, heal, and transport us to new worlds. Stories engage our sense of wonder and curiosity, and they can make us think differently and learn new ways of relating to ourselves and others. Mythology is a particularly powerful form of storytelling. Myths have ancient roots and invite us into realms of mystery and magic.


We wrote a book that tells a new mythological story for our times. It's all about a new paradigm for leadership, pointing to a feminine potential that is missing in our modern era. Check out the synopsis below.

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A secret child is born to Spanish Grand Duke Diego and his favored mistress, Safiyya, a beautiful servant woman who is half Muslim and half Jew. Safiyya dies of the Black Death. The Grand Duke is forced to send his beloved daughter, Cristina, into exile because of her illegitimacy and impure religious heritage. Diego places Cristina, 5, in a monastic orphanage, mysteriously leaving the child with a parcel of handwritten letters.


Cristina grows up and leaves the orphanage at 16. She is bright, clever, and possesses a heart full of love. She makes her way to the flowering Renaissance town of Toledo. There, she is compelled to disguise herself as a boy―calling herself Cristopher―so she can apprentice as a farrier. She cares for a stable of powerful Andalusian stallions, a cock linnet, and a colorful garden. And she begins to discover some of her remarkable gifts.


Her mask is exposed when a passing Prince sees her bathing in the Tagus River. The Prince, a banished court jester, and some extraordinary tales propel her on a quest to find her true identity. She must face the Spanish Inquisition and her own past to discover her potential. And the handwritten letters hold the key to her destiny.

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