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Your Growth Accelerator: Global Leadership versus Traditional Leadership

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

To create more effective leadership in the 21st Century, it is clear that we need to open to new visions and models about our capacities as humans. In today's world, leadership needs to be grounded in whole-brained approaches that stretch your capacity to both "be" and "act."

From this holistic state of existence, you begin to operate as a Global Leader and accelerate your path to success. You lead yourself, your teams, and your organization into a life of purpose, passion, and presence. Your interactions with others, including customers and suppliers, begin to create deeper levels of connection, meaning, and service. Unlike traditional leaders, Global Leaders create more meaningful interactions and perform a higher level of service because they generate a transformational style of leadership. This style of leadership spontaneously ignites a process of evolution and growth within relationships that leads to more authentic and creative interactions.

How do Global Leaders create this new style of leadership? They do so by transforming traditional leadership into a more innovative, flexible, inclusive approach, as the graphic below shows. Fundamentally, traditional leadership often is based in fear, dominance, and exclusion. Global Leadership—rooted in goodwill—is positive, dynamic, and inclusive, as shown below.

Traditional Leadership versus Global Leadership

Furthermore, Global Leaders move beyond logic, analysis, and assertiveness and incorporate these traditional leadership aspects with intuition, creativity, and receptivity. Thus, Global Leaders create a more dynamic whole that offers more balanced and effective responses to complex situations.

With Global Leadership, trust is strengthened by engaging in interactions that more closely align individuals with their own source of abundance and excellence. Trust is not imposed from an external source. Rather, it flows from an inner dedication to discovering your individual template of genius, which includes your unique gifts and your uniqueness.

As trust deepens, structure also shifts. Global Leaders allow structure to arise from your inner source of wisdom. This form of structure allows you to flexibly and easily arrange your life into patterns of organization. You continuously create a fluid and firm structure, moment to moment.

In today's global, service-based economy, Global Leadership is critical to individual and organizational success. True service requires holistic forms of interaction that synchronize the capacities of both your right brain and left brain. As a result, your work flows more spontaneously. Your decision-making becomes quicker and clearer. You act with more determination and resolve.

Global Leaders help organizations innovate by opening people to their individual genius, their unique source of abundance, and their true will. Thus, people have more creativity and productivity to draw from to perform everyday work. Global Leaders also identify and communicate marketplace needs in the moment. They establish interdependent relationships for financial abundance. Masters of cultural intelligence, Global Leaders work on a worldwide scale and at the highest levels of service to achieve individual and organizational excellence.

As organizations embrace workplace trends and the "New Smart" economy—as described in a 2017 Harvard Business Review article by Ed Hess—of emotional engagement, purpose, and passion, Global Leaders will be fully prepared to meet the challenges of 21st Century work. Global Leaders are holistic and transformational. Global Leaders naturally create Goodwill in Every Interaction. From this new mindset, people are free to re-imagine the workplace and create new solutions to today's highly complex problems.


Hess, Ed. "In the AI Age, 'Being Smart' Will Mean Something Completely Different." Harvard Business Review, June 19, 2017. Accessed Aug. 10, 2017.

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