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Integrated Meditation Turbocharges Your Practice of Global Leadership

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Meditation is a great way to enhance and deepen your practice of Global Leadership. Meditation gets you more in touch with yourself: your thoughts, feelings, body, and consciousness.

Many scientific studies show that 20 minutes to 30 minutes of daily meditation increases self-awareness and compassion and decreases stress and anxiety. Other studies suggest that regular meditation produces anti-aging benefits and increases longevity.

What Is Integrated Meditation?

Our 20-minute guided meditation is the Meditation on Goodwill. This meditation takes meditation to the next level because it is integrated with our 10 principles of Global Leadership and with our educational products and services.

What does "integrated" mean? It means that the meditation relates specifically to the concepts in our leadership principles, our training modules, and our card deck, Presence: Bite-sized wisdom for Global Leaders, as the graphic below shows. This linkage helps you to unify your internal states of existence.

Integrated Meditation Creates Internal Unity

From a more unified internal state, it is easier to feel more whole within yourself. You connect more directly to your essence, which then helps you to become more coherent and authentic. You can manifest your true desires more easily. Your life can become simpler, softer, and freer.

For example, Good and Will are core concepts that form the foundation for our Global Leadership principles. Good and Will create a mindset of Abundance and Excellence. By meditating with our Meditation on Goodwill, you deepen your relationship to these two concepts.

Through the meditation, you connect more deeply to your Good, which is your source of fertility and creativity. This opens you to your Abundance. You also connect more deeply to your true Will, which helps you to create activities that are rooted in patterns of wisdom and wholeness. This links you to your Excellence. The more you meditate, the more you synchronize the intelligences found in your right brain and left brain, and you continue to develop a mindset of Abundance and Excellence.

Internal Unity Creates an Open Space for Your Potential to Unfold

Thus, when you participate in our Meditation on Goodwill, you being to solidify your connection to your inner core of goodwill. You begin to unify your inner state of experience. Your consciousness, thoughts, and feelings start to align.

Our training then provides you with activities, discussions, and worksheets to learn more about the concepts and principles. And the 45 cards from our Presence card deck give you "bite-sized" text and imagery that you can apply in the moment, within the context of your life.

This full alignment of your body, mind, emotions, values, and beliefs creates an open space in which your potential can unfold. From this alignment, Global Leaders foster a sense of Abundance and Excellence—Goodwill—in every interaction.

Group Meditation Amplifies Results

As a group activity, we created a free, weekly Global Goodwill Meditation Group to help increase the power and flow of goodwill worldwide through meditation. This group, which meditates on our Meditation on Goodwill, is an opportunity for you to link in thought with people who are dedicated to expanding the energy of goodwill around the planet.

What happens when groups of people meditate? According to well-known spiritual author and teacher Deepak Chopra, meditation can "transform the world." Several decades of research on the power of group meditation seems to suggest that "the group effect multiplies each single member," according to Chopra. Furthermore, Chopra reports, meditators in groups often state that they have a more profound experience and feel more connected to other people.

Other studies link group meditation to the manifestation of peaceful outcomes in our world. For example, the Global Coherence Initiative (GCI)—an international effort that seeks to help activate the heart of humanity—has been studying the benefits of group coherence, in which large groups of people focus love and compassion. GCI's hypothesis is that the group focus can actually "offset the current planetarywide discord."

GCI studies how people communicate nonlocally, at a subconscious level. The researchers postulate that a "feedback loop" exists between all human beings and the Earth’s energetic systems, including our planet's magnetic fields. These magnetic fields "act as carrier waves," the researchers suggest, and influence "all living systems contained within the field environment and the collective consciousness." Thus, subtle activity such as meditation could hold the potential to make a profound impact.

Join Our Free, Weekly Global Goodwill Meditation Group

Individually and together, we can build on this meditation research and make a positive difference around the world. Envision Goodwill in Every Interaction.

We invite you to join our free Meditation on Goodwill or our free, weekly Global Goodwill Meditation Group, or both. The Meditation on Goodwill is available at any time. Click the link below to start the meditation:

To become part of the global group meditation, join us at 12 Noon on Wednesdays. Click the link below to join the group:


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