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Aligning to Goodwill to Improve Interactions and Service in a Global Economy

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Goodwill is a potent form of energy and a powerful mind-set. It is not a sentiment, nor an emotion. Rather, it is a gateway to a style of leadership that is more inclusive and dynamic. It allows people interacting in a business context to align more closely to each other so that the will of the individual, the will of customers, and the will of the organization are working co-creatively.

As a result, work flows more spontaneously. Decision-making becomes quicker and clearer. We begin to act with more determination and resolve.

In this form of leadership, trust is strengthened by engaging in interactions that more closely align individuals with their excellence and true will. Trust is not imposed from an external source. Rather, it flows from an inner dedication to discovering our individual source of genius.

As trust deepens and strengthens, our sense of structure also shifts. Global Leaders allow structure to arise from an inner source of wisdom. This form of structure allows us to flexibly and easily arrange our business lives into patterns of organization moment by moment.

Structure that builds first from an internal source requires us to listen to our own desires and then act toward them. We continuously create a fluid and firm structure for every moment of our work day.

In a service-based economy, this alignment is critical to business success. True service within a global context is complex. It requires fuller forms of expression and interaction that embrace the powers of both our right brains and our left brains.

We need to move beyond logic, analysis, and planning and incorporate them with intuition, creativity, and receptivity. This larger balance creates a more dynamic whole that offers more complex responses to situations. We then open to new levels of dialogue with each other. We use conflict in a transformational way. And we create more balanced partnerships that propel us toward increased excellence and better use of our individual and collective will. As the diagram below shows, organizations then can tap into new outcomes that improve overall performance.

Using Goodwill to Achieve New Levels of Service

Aligning to New Levels of Service in a Global Economy

To truly serve our customers, our employees, our executives and managers, and our businesses, it is clear that we need to open ourselves to new forms of interaction. This interaction needs to be grounded in a new energy, based in goodwill, that stretches our capacity to both be and act.

Global Leaders, who naturally work in goodwill, perform a high level of service because they radiate a powerful form of leadership that spontaneously ignites a process of evolution and growth within interactions.

In a business context, Global Leaders help organizations innovate by opening us to our genius selves. We have more creativity and productivity to draw from to perform our everyday work. In addition, Global Leaders identify and communicate marketplace needs in the moment. They establish interdependent relationships for financial abundance.

Masters of cultural intelligence, Global Leaders work on a worldwide scale and at the highest levels of service to achieve individual, organizational, and marketplace excellence and alignment. Organizations in the 21st Century need this style of leadership to meet the challenges of a dynamic, complex, fast-paced global economy.

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