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It's always great to hear nice things from people. Below is a sample of some very kind words that others have said about our work.


  • The future of our planet depends on people like you - Executive, entrepreneur in Mexico City, Mexico

  • We're joined at the heart in the work we each do - Margaret Wheatley

  • Sets the stage for a new kind of leadership - Co-founder, Conferences on Consciousness and Business

  • You have truly taken a concept around heart and turned it into a business premise - Management professor, Miami (Ohio) University

  • You have some great things going on - SVP, global outplacement company

  • Our business culture is at a crossroads, and the timing is increasingly right for your model - Career counselor, sales manager

  • The vision and mission that you are bringing to life are groundbreaking - Public speaker, grantwriter, program developer

  • This is truly powerful - Professional development coach

  • Your principles resonate with every fiber of my being - Executive, producer

  • We really need something like this in our office - Physician's assistant

  • A common-sense idea - Manager, Bestfoods/Unilever

  • A beautiful vision - Manager, Ciena Corp.

  • Your ideas are consistent with work at the UN - UN Manager

  • You have good ideas - Special assistant to HH the Dalai Lama

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