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GEI Global Leaders is committed to minimizing the environmental impact and negative social consequences of our operations. We plan to demonstrate our commitment in every policy and process.
By wisely using technology, reducing our real estate presence to a minimum, and employing a broad range of sustainable business practices, we plan to decrease both our environmental footprint and our operating costs. We pass those benefits on to our customers through products and services that help them incorporate sustainability into their lives and organizations.
All of our decisions will:

  • Build a prosperous, regenerative enterprise through sound investments in people and our planet.

  • Protect the health of our planet’s environment, which supports life and our economy.

  • Increase social equity by being fair to all people affected by our decisions and by improving the quality of life in the organizations and communities we serve.


We are committed to protect the natural capital that supports life and to live off its interest instead of its principal. We nurture commerce that supports our collective journey to not just sustainability but regeneration, which we define as creating vitality of life in the present and for future generations.

We see prosperity in the shift from the old consumption-based economy to an economy that celebrates and supports natural, economic, and cultural abundance. We play a critical role in the development of regenerative businesses, technologies, and products that will lead us toward that future. We champion financial models that promote the shift to a vital, regenerative economy.

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