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Leadership for Global Business is a comprehensive consulting and educational system created to empower people and organizations to reach mastery level in global leadership.


The core of this program is a 10-module, results-driven system for corporate performance. Participants can complete all 10 modules in a linear or interrelated course of study. People can begin our Leadership for Global Business system through our QuickStart program.


Most leadership models are designed for the few and fail to recognize the potential of each and every individual within your organization. This approach often alienates people and reduces their personal sense of commitment to excellence.  

A radically new approach to leadership, Leadership for Global Business is:

  • Based on a new model of personal responsibility and personal empowerment that creates a new perspective on our relationship with ourselves and others.

  • Dynamic and interactive. It involves adopting a new mind-set, not learning a new skill set.

  • An approach that honors the Whole Person—mind, body, emotions, and consciousness—and enlivens people by having them tap into goodwill, an unlimited source of excellence and abundance.

  • The best investment in maximizing the power of people to increase productivity, participation, and profitability for a sustainable difference.

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