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There are many ways that you can use the Presence: Bite-sized wisdom for global leaders cards to support you in developing as a Global Leader and practicing Goodwill in Every Interaction.


Here's another simple game: Inside-Out. Inside-Out is a way for you to improve your Global Leadership abilities through the relationships revealed by several cards. Intrigued? Follow the steps below:

  1. Choose two cards at left to which you feel most drawn.

  2. Reflect on how each concept might be interrelated. For example: How are compassion and honor connected to each other?

  3. Click on each card. Read the brief text to learn a little more about each concept.

  4. Now that you know more about each concept, reflect more deeply on how each concept might be interrelated. What does this interrelationship reflect in you? For example, how can you bring more compassion into your capacity to honor others?

Congratulations! You are now practicing being a Global Leader.

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