There are many ways that you can use the Presence: Bite-sized wisdom for global leaders cards to support you in developing as a Global Leader and practicing Goodwill in Every Interaction.


Let's start with a simple game: Find Your Intention. An intention is a Super Goal that synchronizes your mind, body, emotions, and consciousness to propel you toward your desires. Do you have an upcoming project, event, meeting, or important interaction?

  1. Choose one occasion and then focus on it in your imagination. Who is involved? What is it about? Now focus on creating your ideal outcome.

  2. Select the one card at left that draws your attention the most. This card reflects your intention that you can hold throughout the occasion.

  3. Click on the card. Read the brief text to learn a little more about the concept. Reflect on how you can practice the concept at your upcoming occasion.

Congratulations! You are now practicing being a Global Leader.

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