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Global Leaders Align with Nature to Create Optimal Outcomes

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Global Leaders strive for balance within themselves and with others. With balance, Global Leaders realize that everyone can honor each other, create equal opportunity, and help each other fulfill their potential. Global Leaders reflect this balanced exchange through their relationship with Nature.

Global Leaders cherish Nature. Nature often symbolizes the feminine side of life. Nature is wild, free, and sometimes mysterious. By respecting Nature, Global Leaders respect the feminine side of creation.

Experts suggest that leaders today need to realize that humans and Nature are intertwined. "We are Nature," writes Ecological Consciousness, a Facebook community dedicated to connecting consciously with Earth. "We are sisters and brothers to each other, to all animals, to the rivers, trees and butterflies."

This realization creates "a profound shift in awareness," EC states. "Being mindful, whole and fully present in our hearts, minds, bodies and communities focuses our awareness more on the here and now - we [can] focus...on connection, observation, respect, love, creativity, collaboration and healing."

When you engage fully with the moment, you give rise to "creative solutions and new ideas," EC writes, "because [your mind is] focused on the relationships that already exist (and have the potential to exist)."

Key Questions to Ask Yourself to Integrate with Nature

As a Global Leader, how can you develop your relationship to Nature? Begin by reflecting on these questions as a leader in your life:

  • Am I trying to force something to happen?

  • Am I acting because I'm afraid?

  • Can I trust the spontaneous movement of life?

Your answers to these questions align you more closely to your heart and to Nature, bringing you into more coherency with yourself. Becoming coherent is increasingly important in a world that many people are finding draining, overwhelming, and chaotic.

Living a coherent life is deeply connected to your relationship with Earth. Rollin McCraty, PhD, of the HeartMath Institute states: "The resonant frequency of the Earth's magnetic exactly the same as the human heart rhythm when we're in a coherent state." In other words, our heart, mind, body, and Earth's natural rhythms operate best when they are synchronized. Global Leaders align to this coherency to bring about the best outcomes.

These outcomes can include what is best for yourself as you act as a leader in your own life. Further, the outcomes can include what is best for others and everyone on the planet, as you act as a leader in your family, workplace, and community.

"To reconnect with Nature is key if we want to save the planet," says Dr. Jane Goodall, English primatologist and anthropologist. Reconnecting with Nature helps us to reconnect with ourselves and helps us to heal broken parts of ourselves.

Inspired by Nature, Global Leaders learn to operate more spontaneously. Global Leaders experience the benefits of spontaneous development: operating within a self-organizing, self-adaptive system. With spontaneous development, Global Leaders allow the pure, whole intention of the individual or group to direct processes and manifest the ideal outcomes. As a result, work and life become simpler and easier. Relationships become more interdependent and less independent or dependent. Partnerships arise. And life flows more effortlessly.

Our Connection to Nature through Birds of the World

At GEI Global Leaders, we connect most deeply to Nature through our relationship with birds. We chose the birds of the world as our mascots. To us, birds symbolize immortality and the connection between Earth and the cosmic forces of the Universe.

Birds are ever-present in our products and services. They inform, inspire, and guide us in all that we do. We can learn much from birds: their behaviors, their sounds, and their patterns of life.

In particular, we chose the Peacock to represent our vision of Goodwill in Every Interaction. In many cultures, the Peacock symbolizes beauty and wise vision.

The Peacock serves as a reminder that Global Leaders practice wisdom. Wisdom is insight, sound judgment, good sense, and deep knowing. Wisdom leads to understanding and compassion. Wisdom and Global Leadership naturally result in Goodwill in Every Interaction.


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